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Scentsy Warmer Light Bulb Reference Sheet

Here is a listing of bulb sizes by Scentsy Warmer. This list is current as of all current warmers starting Fall/Winter 2018.
Discontinued warmers will be added as their bulb size become known.

Replacement Bulbs

15 Watt 3 pack Bulb 20 Watt 3 pack Bulb 25 Watt 3 pack Light Bulb Edison Bulb
15 Watt 3 Pack20 Watt 3 Pack25 Watt 3 PackEdison (40 Watt)
3 Bulb Pack - $5 3 Bulb Pack - $5 3 Bulb Pack - $5 1 Bulb - $6

Orange 3 Pack $5
15w Bulb
20w Bulb
25w Bulb

Blue 3 Pack $5
15w Bulb
20w Bulb
25w Bulb

Purple 3 Pack $5
15W Bulb
20W Bulb
25W Bulb

Red 3 Pack $5
15 Watt Bulb
20 Watt Bulb
25 Watt Bulb

Green 3 Pack $5
15 Watt Bulb
20 Watt Bulb
25 Watt Bulb

10W Bulb 3 pack Clear

All mini (plugin) warmers use a 15 watt bulb.

Warmer Name Bulb Size Warmer Name Bulb Size Warmer Name Bulb Size
Acute - Copper25 Alabaster25 Along the Beach25
All Aglow - Medium20 All Aglow - Small15 All The Rage25
Along the Sea Floor25 Amazing Grace25 Amber Fluted Shade25
Amber GlowEdison Amber Ombre25 Antique Cross25
Angel Wings25 Antler Lodge25 A Twine to Unwind20
Aqua Glow20 Aziza25
Batman25 Beach Bungalow20 Beacon25
Be Bold25 Birds of Paradise25 Bless This Home25
Beloved25 Better Together20 Black Crush25?
Black Forest25 Blossom25 Blue Crush25?
Blue Twirl25 Boba Fett25 Bubbled25
Bubbled Iridescent25 Bubbled Ultraviolet25 Built with Love25?
Calavera20 Calaverita20 Candy Christmas25
Captain America20 Carolina CoastEdison Carrara25
Cast - Pink20 Champagne25 Charity25
Charred20 Chasing Fireflies25 Chevron & Songbirds25
Chic25 Christmas Camper(H)25 Christmas Cardinal (H)25
Christmas Claus (H)25 Christmas Glow (H)25 Christmas Gnome20
Chromatic25 Classic Curve25 Coastal Light Edison
Colors of the Rainbow25 Country Christmas (H)20 Country Light LampshadeEdison
Country Living25 Country Sunshine25 Cream Tulip Shade25
Crimson25 Crush - Diamond20 Crystal IceEdison
Crystalize (H)25 Crystal Leaves25 Cute as a Button25
Dainty Daisy20 Daisy Lantern25 Dancing Petals25
Darling25 Darth Vader25 Deck The Halls (H)25
Desert Darling Green25 Disney 10025 Disney Villans Maleficent20
Diamond Weave25? DIY Calavera20 Dragonfly Away25
Dream Sparkle25 Dreamcatcher25 Dumbo25
Dumbo the Flying Elephant20
Eggspress Yourself25? Elegance25 Enchanted Pumpkin 20
Etched Core25 Etched Hummingbird25 Every Moment Matters25?
Fabulous Feathers25 Fabulous Flurry20 Faith, Trust, Pixie Dust25
Fall Fairy Tale20 Fall is Calling25 Farmhouse Family25?
Festive Fir(H)25 Flaunt Your Feathers25 Flight of the Monarch25
Flower Garden25 Fluted Gray25 Fly Away25?
Follow Your Heart25 Forever Fall25 Forest Light25
Free To Fly25 Friends And FamilyEdison Frosted Night25
Frosty Glow25 Frozen 225
Ghouls & Ghosts (H)25 Gilded20 Give Thanks Milk Can25
Glamour Time25 Glisten20 God Is Great25
Gold Crush25 Golden Glow20 Gold Leaf20
Golden Meadow25 Golden Sunset25 Grateful Hearts25
Grateful, Thankful, Blessed25
Happy Henna25 Haunting Good Time (H)25 Heart to Heart25
Heavenly25 Hello Spring25 Himalayan Salt25
Hogwarts25 Home At Last25 Home Is Where Your Mom Is20
Hope Blooms25 Hope, Strength & Love25 House On Haunted Hill (H)25
I Heart Cats25 I heart Dogs25 Illuminate25
In the Clouds25 In Motion25 In The Harbor25
Jack (H)15 Jack Skellington Pumpkin King (H)25 Jane25
Jolly 25 Jolly Old St. Nick20 Jungle Canopy25
Land of Liberty20 Laurel20 Lemonade Pitcher25
Let's Get Batty25 Light Your Way20 Little Church20
Little Mermaid25 Live Simply25 Lone Star25
Love Abounds20 Love Is All You Need25 Love Lives Here25
Love Swept25 Love Your Journey20 Lucent25
Luminary JackEdison Luxe Leaves25
Mandalorian20 Manic Mansion(H)25GRN Marrakesh25
Marvel25 Meet In The Meadow25 Mended25
Mermaid Glass25 Merry Mosaic(H)25 Mickey Mouse Jack-O'-Lantern(H)25
MidcenturyEdison Millennium Falcon25 Mirrored Rose25
Modern Tribal25? Moon Over Jupiter25 Mosaic Mist25
Mosaic Pumpkin20 Mossy Oak Break Up®25? Mountain Sky20
Mrs Potts25 Mystery Machine20 My Sun & Moon25
Nativity Night(H)25 Nature's Wonders25 NHL Warmers25
Night Sky25 No Place Like Home25? Northern Plaid25
Ocean Mosaic25 Ocean Ombre20 Olive Bucket25
On The Seashore40 Oogie Boogies' Casino20 Opulence25
Pack Your Bags20 Palette25 Paranormal Pumpkin25
ParlorEdison Passion for Pink20 Passport25
Pearlescent Petals25 Peoria Pottery25 Perfect Poppy25
Pinhole Paisley25 Poised20 Portland15
Prairie Pitcher25 Pressed Tin25 Pretty Paradise25
Prismatic 25 Pumpkin Graveyard (H)25
Rainforest Fern25? Rejoice25 Reverie25?
Road Less Traveled25 Rock Quarry40 Rooftop Garden20
Rustic Garden25 Rustic Jack Var 225 Rustic Pumpkin (H)20
Rustic Ranch25 Rustic Sunflower25
Salerno25 Savanna25 Scarecrow20
Seas The Day25 Sea Star25 Seastone25
See the Good25 Seedling25 Serene25
Service & Sacrifice25 Simple Reminders25 Simply Blessed25
Shining LightEdison Snow Cute25 Snow Day25
Snowed In25 Solitude25 SpindleEdison
Starflower25 Stargaze25 Starlings25
Starry Christmas (H)15 Starry Frontier25 Starry Pumpkin20
Stone Leaf25 Summer Nights20 Summer Rain25
Summer Sandcastle25 Summertime25 Sunset Sands40
Sweetgrass Basket20 Sweet Love40
Terrazzo25 Tide Pool25 Tiger Jasper40
Tiger's Eye Pumpkin(H)25 Tilia20 Time To Reflect25
Tin Can Stars20 Tinsel25 Tom the Turkey20
Treetops Glisten20 Trim the Tree(H)20 Trust In Him25
Unbe-Leaf-able15 Unbridled25 Under My Spell25
Under Wraps25 Up25
Verve25 Very SuperstitiousEdison VinoEdison
Vintage Crock25
What You Make It25 When Life Gives You Lemons25 Whoot25
Wicker25 Wild Desert20 Wildlife25
Wings 25 Winnie The Pooh25 Winter Frost (H)20
Winter Retreat25 Winter Stag (H)25 Wire You Blushing?25
Wispy Willow25 Witch O'Lantern25 Wonder Woman25
Zebra Safari20

(H) - Holiday Warmers