Our classic wickless candle. Add a cube or two to your Scentsy Warmer and fill your space with lovely, lasting fragrance.

Scentsy Bars
Aloe Water & Cucumber Scentsy bar
Aloe Water & Cucumber
By The Sea Scentsy Bar
By The Sea
Clothesline Scentsy Bar
Mystery Man Scentsy Bar
Mystery Man
Sunkissed Citrus Scentsy Bar
Sunkissed Citrus
More Scent Bars

Filled with no-spill fragrance beads, Scentsy Pods provide up to 120 hours of fragrance when used with our Scentsy Go system. Each pack includes two Pods of the same scent.

Amazon Rain Scentsy Pod
Amazon Rain
Clean Breeze Scentsy Pod
Clean Breeze
Jammy Time Scentsy Pod
Jammy Time
Mystery Man Scentsy Pod
Mystery Man
Welcome Home Scentsy Pod
Welcome Home
More Scentsy Pods

For quick jaunts or long journeys, our Scentsy Car Bar delivers fragrance that lasts up to 30 days. Hang it from the rearview and breathe in a new adventure!

Aloe Water & Cucumber
Aloe Water
& Cucumber
Atlantic Air Car Bar
Atlantic Air
Clean Breeze Car Bar
Clean Breeze
Sea Salt Avocado Car Bar
Sea Salt
& Avocado
Vanilla Bean Buttercream Car Bar
Vanilla Bean
More Scentsy Car Bars

Clips to your vent so the air can distribute the fragrance, while its compact size keeps a low profile. Pack of 2.

Amazon Car Bar Clips
Amazon Rain
Clothesline Car Bar Clip
Luna Car Bar Clip
Mystery Man Car Bar Clip
Mystery Man
Weathered Leather Car Bar Clip
Weathered Leather

Purely natural - and personalized by you. We source only the finest natural ingredients from around the globe to deliver the best natural and essential oils in the world. Use Scentsy Oils alone or blend them together to create your own custom fragrance. Exclusively designed for use in a Scentsy Diffuser.

Cinnamon Cherry Vanilla Natural Oil
Cinnamon Cherry Vanilla
Natural Oil
Jasmin & Birchwood Natural Oil
Jasmine & Birchwood
Natural Oil Blend

Ocean Mist & Aloe
Natural Oil Blend

Orange Strawberry Melon
Natural Oil
Twinkle Twinkle Natural Oil
Twinkle Twinkle
Natural Oil
More Natural and Essential Oils

Set the mood with a kiss of fragrance wherever and whenever it's needed.

Amazon Rain Room Spray
Amazon Rain
Baked Apple Pie Room Spray
Baked Apple Pie

Black Forest Pine

French Lavender

Satin Sheets
More Room Sprays

Add a burst of Scentsy fragrance wherever you go.

Aloe Water & Cucumber
Baked Apple Pie Scent Circle
Baked Apple Pie
Luna Scent Circle

My Hero
Sea Salt & Avocado Scent Circle
Sea Salt & Avocado
More Scent Circles

Fragrance lingers in drawers, closets, suitcases or a beloved Scentsy Buddy.

Aloha Citrus Scent Pak
Aloha Citrus
By The Sea Scent Pak
By The Sea
Hug in a Mug Scent Pak
Make a Splash
Sea Salt & Avocado
Sea Salt & Avocado
Vanilla Bean Butter Cream Scent Pak
Vanilla Bean Buttercream
More Scent Paks

Our elegant new Fragrance Flower releases beautiful scent while looking lovely in any space. Just set it out and enjoy - no plug, no problem.

Aloe Water & Cucumber
- Dahlia Darling

Blue Grotto
- Buttercup Belle

Coastal Sunset
- Dahlia Darling

Luna - Buttercup Belle

Sea Salt & Avocado
Dahlia Darling
More Scent Circles

Slide the cover open to add a little fragrance - or a lot. Perfect for travel or in small spaces like cars, lockers, closets and bathrooms.

Clean Breeze Travel Tin
Clean Breeze
Just Breath Travel Tin
Just Breath
Mochadoodle Travel Tin
Sunkissed Citrus Travel Tin
Sunkissed Citrus
Weathered Leather
Weathered Leather
More Travel Tins
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